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These are my favorite products.

There's something for everyone. Have a question, feel free to reach out!

I am the author or affiliate for these items and I receive monetary compensation and commission. It is at no extra cost to you to purchase the items using my link. That said, I 100% believe in these products and use them myself.

When you need motivation and commitment try

A 10 Day Faith Based Health & Fitness Devotional written by yours truly. This was created for anyone who wants to start a Christ based Health & Fitness Journey. It can also be for anyone that wants to deepen their faith on their current health & fitness path. 10 Days of scripture, devotional, prayer and reflections to help you submerge yourself in his way, his truth and his life!


A 30 day journal and planner designed to help you stay positive and on track in your health and fitness.

You can or you can't. Whatever you tell yourself will be true. It can be a challenge to change habits and stick to new fitness and nutrition plans. Sometimes it's not about needing a different plan or routine, sometimes what's needed is a better mindset!

When you refocus your mindset, make time for YOURSELF, and make YOURSELF a priority, positive change can happen. A support system, one that's with you every day, all day, every step of the way. As a Fitness Nutritionist, Behavioral Weight Management Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, there are tools in my toolbox I want to share with you to help us accomplish your goals together.

Let me show you how strong and truly capable you are!


All of my most sincere recommendations for fashion, self care, kids and of course health & fitness. 

Check out lists of items I recommend that I am constantly adding to for a night out on the town, the kids, self care and of course health and fitness! I don't recommend a product unless I believe in it myself!

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And don't forget!

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